Wildlife cameraman

As a Wildlife Cameraman, I have over 37 years’ experience working all over the world from the Arctic to the Tropics, Deserts, Mountains, and the Ocean. I have worked extensively with productions from large Blue-Chip series to individual Wildlife and Science films. This includes with the BBC Natural History Unit, National Geographic and Netflix. My cinemaphotography is a multi-award winning with my first BAFTA in 1992 for the BBC’s “Trails of Life”. It was a career highlight to work on the incredible Planet Earth and Planet Earth 2 BBC series. As a cinema photographer with a strong interest in telling wildlife stories through creative visuals, more recently I have applied my experience in Director of Photography roles.

As Director of Photography, I recently oversaw all filming across Curiosity Stream / Terra Mater Studios Production ‘Planet Insect’. For this three-hour series on insect behaviour, I was also the principal cinematographer.

Key Projects:
Tiny World Apple TV
Planet Insect Curiosity Stream
Planet Earth 2 BBC Studios